Polyketon of Hyosung, Korea
New Green polymeric material composed of carbon-monoxide and olefin (ethylene, propylene).

  • Composition
    – ENPLA Ter-Polymer (carbon-monoxide + ethylene + propylene)
    – Super Fiber Co-Polymer (carbon-monoxide + ethylene)
  • High Impact Strength
    More than 230% higher impact strength compared to Nylon, PBT. Generally PA6, PA66 has high tensile property but impact strength and elongation is low.
    Polyketone have good impact strength and elongation with enough tensile property.
    No deterioration due to good hydrolysis resistance.
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance, Excellent fuel resistance, small change after 3,000 hrs test
    2 times superior to PA12, current material for automotive tube.
  • Excellent Tribological Property
    Polyketone has 14 times higher anti-abrasion property than that of POM, currently most stiff material. It helps almost permanent use without change.
  • High Barrier Property
    Same level of EVOH, top class of food packaging material due to the gas barrier property. (EVOH : multi-layer, Polyketone : mono-layer)
    Polyketone has excellent barrier property to hydrocarbon, with a good chemical resistance.
  • Excellent Flame Retardant
    Polyketone makes water, reacted ketone(C=O) group with hydrogen during burning and Char layer covered surface not to contact to oxygen and heat.
    50% dose of flame retardant additive compared to Nylon (UL-V0 rate).
  • High Productivity
    High crystallinity of Polyketone helps to shorten cycle time and improves productivity.