One of our special products is Pana-Tetra Zink Oxide by Amtec Co., Ltd., a very superior additive in powder or resin form.

Distinctive features of Pana-Tetra are amongst others:

  • Unique single crystals in 3D- tetrapod form with a purity of 99,999%
  • Superior surface smoothness in compounds leads to low friction, low abrasion, highest molding precision, and water repellence
  • Pana-Tetra can be used as a metal substitute or as a shield against electromagnetic radiation.
  • Thermal conductivity of 25 W/mK reduces frictional heat
  • Electrical conductivity vol. around 10
  • Absorbs UV-C-rays and reflects 80 to 90% of all other light rays (UV-A & -B, visible spectrum, IR-rays)
  • Size between 2 and 50µm, standard leg-length of 10 µm and 20 µm
  • Available as powder in different grades for your own recipe
  • vailable as resin with matrix materials like ABS, LCP, PA, PBT, PEEK, POM, PP, PPS and others
  • Mohs hardness is just around 4, which is half of glass fiber. So the wearing of screw should be relatively smaller than other fillers.
  • Twin screw extruder and side feeding is recommended in case it is used with other fillers.
  • No other special instruction for compounding parameters.

AMTEC &Pana-Tetra

MSDS Pana-Tetra

Panatetra Brochure 2016 (Dreyplas)

Pana-Tetra single and compound DP