DREYPLAS is distributing Europewide additives, high performance polymers as well as adhesive raw materials for the polymer and chemical industry. Our products typically are found in high value niche applications that are served by only a limited number of suppliers.

We are particular strong for products from Japan, Korea, Taiwan & China, and other Asian countries as well as from North America and Mexico. In our portofolio you find new, technically  advanced, even unique products, in addition to cost competitive alternatives to established materials – all that on highest technical level.

In Europe we are active in other polymer-distribution segments by our sister and daughter companies. We develop and distribute high value cleaning compounds for injection and extrusion applications – applicable even for very high temperature resins. We are one of the few suppliers of polycarbonate and PET- coated films for printing, home appliance and electronic as well as machine building industry.

Globally, we are represented in USA by a daughter company and in Asia by a network team that has grown over years. This setup allows us to stay in daily contact with our suppliers and customers. We notice local changes early while we remain independent and operate cost competitive.

Worldwide presence: Dreyplas GmbH in Europe, Dreytek, Inc. in Northamerica, WestOne Corporation in Japan & Asia

  • competent consulting
  • Problem Solver
  • fast, flexible and committed

ISO 9001:2015 – we are certified.
ISO 14001:2015 – we are certified.

The certifications are another important milestone in the history of the Dreyplas Group.
For us, the certification is confirmation that we have taken the right path and that our previous processes already correspond to international standards.