New Alumina platelets by DIC Japan reach superior level of thermal conductivity 

Newly added to the DREYPLAS product portfolion is alumina as additive to improve the thermal conductivity. We understand the following materials as direct competition to our material:

  • spheric alumina (sph Al)
  • AlN
  • BN

Our products in platelet shape are produced by Japanese DIC. We see the following advantages to established materials:

  • less wear of the screw
  • much better mechanical properties of the compound
  • better thermal conductiveness up to 1.7W/m*K at 40% filling rate

Current sph Al is consumed by more than 10,000MT/a worldwide. Our commercial available platelet grade AP-10 has higher cost than sph Al, finds however even today application i.e. in mixture with sph Al to improve the meachanical properties at a moderate increase of compound price.

Compared to AlN and BN the price difference is smaller. It is expected that the better abrasion properties and the still higher heat conductivity are the reason to shift to platelet Al.

Current we have access to a few hundred ton production capacity, a substantial increase is targeted as soon as possible.

DIC-Thermally Conductive AL.PDF