DREYPLAS is distributing new, environmental friendly and high temperature stable type of inorganic flame retardant – Magnesiumhydroxid Mg(OH)2 high purity grade.

DREYPLAS source all flame ratardant materials from selected sources in China.

Magnesiumhydroxide is a material made by Yinrui in Shandong. It is a natural expansion of our activity for high performance, high end products at cost competitive price with German standard logisitics.

Magnesiumhydroxide Mg(OH)2 is recommended to use in the following cases :

    • non halogen flame retardant composition
    • high temperature (> 200 deg C processing temperature)
    • enviroinmental friendly
    • low smoke, non toxic
    • it may neutralize even acid and corrosive gas during combustion


Our Magnesiumhydroxide powders are widely used in different polymer applications, especially when you require processing temperatures higher than 200 deg C. We offer coated and uncoated materials. Various coatings improve the dispersion and compatibility.

Typical applications are :

    • any thermoplastic materials and elastomers with processing T > 200 deg C
      • engineering thermoplastics in electrical applications (i.e. connectors)
      • automotive wire & cable
      • energy/electric cable
      • data cable

Typical features of Yinrui Mg(OH)2 :

    • purity : 99,8%
    • whiteness : min. 97%
    • particle size : D50 is 0.7 – 1.1 micron
    • particle shape : hexagonal platelet
    • specific surface area : BET 6-8m2/gram