DREYPLAS GmbH is now distributing Graphite powders from Nippon Graphite Industries.

Nippon Graphite Industries is specialising in the production and purification of graphite powders for more than 100 years.

It’s large variety of types and diameters of up to 99,6 % pure graphite makes it the perfect choice for numerous applications in which

  • lubricity
  • electrical and/ or thermal conductivity
  • heat resistance
  • alkali resistance

are required.

The product range includes not only highly purified powders with minimal ash content, but also flake type graphite, synthetic graphite with superior hardness, laminated, expendable and amorphous types.

Also surface treated types with a variety of sizings like wax, titanite, stearic acid and other surface treatment agents are available upon request.

Because of its high electrical/ thermal conduciveness our graphite types are used to produce carbon brushes, brake pads, conductive materials for batteries, bearings, gaskets and many more.

Please find the full product line here: PDF – File