DREYPLAS GmbH is now distributing Graphite powders from Nippon Graphite Industries.

Nippon Graphite Industries is specialising in the production and purification of graphite powders for more than 100 years.

It’s large variety of types and diameters of up to 99,6 % pure graphite makes it the perfect choice for numerous applications in which

  • lubricity
  • electrical and/ or thermal conductivity
  • heat resistance
  • alkali resistance

are required.

The product range includes not only highly purified powders with minimal ash content, but also flake type graphite, synthetic graphite with superior hardness, laminated, expendable and amorphous types.

Also surface treated types with a variety of sizings like wax, titanite, stearic acid and other surface treatment agents are available upon request.

Because of its high electrical/ thermal conduciveness our graphite types are used to produce carbon brushes, brake pads, conductive materials for batteries, bearings, gaskets and many more.

Please find the full product line here: PDF – File

In the recent years Polycarbonate has undergone a very fast change from a former engineering to a mass polymer. Despite the loss of volume markets like optical memory discs and food applications the overall demand for Polycarbonate is continuously growing.

China – originally a pure import market for PC – has new, own capacities by the worldwide well known industry leaders. On top of such international investments there are at least 7 Chinese industry groups who already have own, local capacities or will launch new capacities in the near future.

China increasingly is becoming an important potential supplier for polycarbonate. This fits to our philosophy to offer technical and qualitywise high value materials at competitive prices to Europe.

Already since the late 2019 DREYPLAS and Chinese LUXI ( ) entered into a sales agreement for Europe’s German speaking countries. Luxi started back in 2015 and has since the first expansion in 2018 already a capacity of 200,000MT PC resin.

Basically LUXI produces MFR from 3 to 20. All grades will be also available with UV protection.

To be costwise for the customers most competitive DREYPLAS is concentrating in the first phase on few grades like MFR 9 and 15, MFR 9 also with UV. As soon as the supply prooved to be routine business also other MFR shall be made available step by step.

Existing customers are served from local stock in Germany. New customers may have a lead time of up to 8weeks for the first delivery. After that stocks can be increased to ensure a lead time of few working days.

DREYPLAS is represented in China directly with a reliable group partner. By that we are able to locally control the cargo logistics as well as the quality and make sure that our standards are kept.

LGMMA/Korea – one of leading manufacturer for PMMA and SMMA – will increase during 2020 it’s production capacities to 260.000MT. By this increased capacity it will be possible to expand the presence also in Europe further.

In addition to standard application in injection and extrusion molding DREYPLAS is especially concentrating on specialities like

  • high impact applications
  • frosted applications
  • automotive, i.e. piano black for exterior applications
  • taylormade solutions & compounds

DREYPLAS suppliers containerloads directly from Korea to customers. Smaller quantities as well as buffer quantities are delivered from European stockpoints within few days after order.

PMMA & SMMA Brochure PDF




Newly added to the DREYPLAS product portfolion is alumina as additive to improve the thermal conductivity. We understand the following materials as direct competition to our material:

  • spheric alumina (sph Al)
  • AlN
  • BN

Our products in platelet shape are produced by Japanese DIC. We see the following advantages to established materials:

  • less wear of the screw
  • much better mechanical properties of the compound
  • better thermal conductiveness up to 1.7W/m*K at 40% filling rate

Current sph Al is consumed by more than 10,000MT/a worldwide. Our commercial available platelet grade AP-10 has higher cost than sph Al, finds however even today application i.e. in mixture with sph Al to improve the meachanical properties at a moderate increase of compound price.

Compared to AlN and BN the price difference is smaller. It is expected that the better abrasion properties and the still higher heat conductivity are the reason to shift to platelet Al.

Current we have access to a few hundred ton production capacity, a substantial increase is targeted as soon as possible.

DIC-Thermally Conductive AL.PDF

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