September 2017


DREYPLAS/DREYCHEM this year is presenting the following focus and news during Fakuma :

  • PTFE Mikropowder by KITAMURA
    tribological additives with temperature resistance of  > 400Grad C
  • chopped carbon fiber by NPS Nippon Polymer Sangyo
    chopped carbon fiber with polymer specific seizing to optimize compound properties
  • injection and extrusion moldable UHMW-PE by Mitsui Chemicals
    high cost saving potential compared to parts by conventional UHMW-PE
  • chopped basalt fiber by INCOTELOGY
    new class bridging glas and carbon fiber
  • cleaning compounds „DREYCLEAN“ by DREYCHEM
    new series of highly efficient and cost competitive, own formulations DREYCLEAN – also suitable for cleaning high temperature polymers
  • disperging agents by ADMATECHS
    high efficient nano silica even at 0,5% addition level
  • fully tested and common in use : PEEK by ZY
    very cost competitive alternative for standard PEEK materials and formulations.
    Chinese product from German stock.
  • halogene flame retardants – DBDPE, BPS and others by TIANYI
    high end BPS, DBDPE and others  – very cost competitive alternative. Chinese product from German stock – fully tested – high end alternative
  • inorganic flame retardants & synergist
    ATO Sb2O3 as powder and batch, Mg(OH)2 and others

For detailed discussions you can book collegues of the DREYPLAS-Group or experts by Kitamura, NPS, Mitsui Chemicals, Incotelogy and Admatechs  on the booth. You find us at a new location in hall B1 – 1004.

Please reserve the meeting before and be invited for a small snack on our booth !

We look forward to meet you !